i want this

  • as a mural on my wall
  • as a framed and lighted painting
  • as a screen printed afghan
  • as a shower curtin
  • and last but not least a book of this image as stamps
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deep green IN EXPLORE del 14/09/2009 #111 (by marinfinito)

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Nikolaj Coster Waldau as Marcus in A Thousand Times Good Night (2013)

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Gwen bringing more charm to Ipanema.

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realityisjustacrappygame replied to your post: sickjohn asked:oh my fucking god….

I’m happy too but is there such a scene in the book? I don’t remember

Nope. I don’t believe she ever spoke to Cersei in the books. They’ve probably seen each other from afar but that’s it. Also in the books, Cersei never really acknowledges Brienne. She only briefly mentions her in ADWD.

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On the Jaime x Brienne On-Screen Dynamic


I think it’s this funny thing that happens when people watch tv. The real person factor. We see real people playing characters and we forget that they are characters, not people, and we forget that the situations these characters end up in are intentional, and not happenstance.

Take the bathtub scene for example.

Now as a writer, if I’m going to write an intimate, soul baring conversation between two leads, I have a lot of factors to think about. What are the characters going to say? What are they going to be doing? How will they be positioned with respect to each other? Where will the conversation take place?

If I want the interaction to come across as platonic, for example, I’d maybe make sure everybody in the room was wearing clothes.

And also that nobody got wood.

Just sayin.

Two big platonic no-nos right there.

From a real person standpoint it could maybe be argued that yeah they’re having a confrontation, and they’re both dirty, and it makes sense that two ppl might end up in this situation and still not have any feelings for each other beyond respect and friendship. Accidental boners happen all the time and don’t always mean anything.

From a writing standpoint, they were in this situation on purpose. The writer purposefully got them dirty. The writer purposefully sent them to a place with multiple bathing options, and then purposefully put them in the same bathtub in spite of those multiple options. The writer purposefully made one character get an erection. The writer purposefully described this character’s body from the other character’s point of view using flowery, extremely flattering language.

Writers do not accidentally romance. The pen does not slip. The camera does not just go off. Everything is on purpose.


Now writing Jaime and Brienne as a platonic friendship would have been a perfectly valid choice. But it is not the choice George R. R. Martin made.

At this point, in order for the show to portray Jamie and Brienne as platonic, it would have to completely contradict not only the books, but also everything that took place on screen last season.

Jamie and Brienne would have to have been naked in that bath scene purely for fanservice purposes, instead of for actual character development reasons.

All of the conversations Jamie had with Brienne about their respective love/sex lives would have to be dismissed as deliberately misleading romance-baiting, instead of as genuine romance foreshadowing.

And it boggles my mind that any viewer could want that. It boggles my mind that any viewer who claims to care about better female representation in the media especially could want that.


Because I absolutely believe we need more healthy platonic male/female friendships on tv. Friendships that are genuine and non-sexual and non-romantic and rooted in respect. 

And I want that dynamic to be intentional, and consistent, and well written.

I don’t want some half-assed will-they-or-won’t-they fan service romance-baiting that turns into a wet blanket anticlimax “friendship.” If I did I’m sure I could just cue up the How I Met Your Mother series finale on Netflix.

It would certainly be cheaper than an HBO subscription.

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Reasons I ship Jaime with Brienne


1. hella cute
2. not incest

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oh my fucking god. i have been following for a while cause you're so awesome and post such AMAZING POST (brienne and jaime 5eva) AND OH MY GOD THIS LAST EP WITH BRIENNE COMPLETELY CONFIrMING HER LOVE FOr JAIME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! sorry but just wanted to fangirl with someone <3333333333333
- sickjohn


Fangirl away! These are exciting times for our ship! Enjoy it bb! Just you wait until episode 4 comes out…the ultimate fangasm. :-D

And THANK YOU! image

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